• The Background of Backgammon – Today and Before

    [ English ]

    Backgammon is the original game in history. It has been known as the "little war," backgammon began in ancient Iraq almost 5 millennia ago. However, Egyptians called backgammon "Senat," which was a close type of the present game played today. Hundreds of years ago, just individuals in power, the ruling figures of royalty like Egyptian pharaohs, were allowed to play. The game started to expand worldwide since then. Distinctive Backgammon versions were developed in several nations and societies, but the basic codes of those versions are similar to that of the antiquated form . For example, Greece took hold of the game and called it by the title "bac gamen." From there, the English borrowed backgammon in the seventeenth century and have continued to play it ever since. Backgammon and competing old games were never acknowledged by a lot of clergy. The churchgoers believe that the game was the work of Satan. This caused clergy to banish and burn the game. The blacklisting and burning had never prevent people gambling on games and having fun.

    Technology makes available an additional arena for Backgammon. When various electronic games are for sale everywhere, computer intellectuals in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been using Backgammon for assessing, developing and testing AI theories and breakthroughs because of the simplicity of game codes and difficulties of strategies.

    With the abounding acceptance of the web, backgammon has advanced to an entirely new level. Quite a few might not realize that net Backgammon is actually installed on most of computers running MS Windows operating systems by default under "Games" menu option. Net Backgammon connects hundreds of thousands of people throughout the globe. As soon as you join an online game internet site, you can bet on Backgammon with a computer, or opposed to a bona fide player. Wagering sites have been holding Backgammon tournaments consistently. You will be able to enjoy the game for enjoyment, or for cash. There are countless of clubs dedicated to net backgammon, along with exclusive game software that you can download to gamble against others. Folks enjoy Backgammon for the fact that it is easy but in the end, needs a lot of attention and expertise.

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